Rotating Shaft Kerrison 40º Up, 14mm Opening


Shafts with Thin Footplates

8″ Shaft
with Ejector
9″ Shaft
with Ejector
7″ Bayonet Shaft
with Ejector
1mm 52-482-01B 1mm 52-485-01B 1mm 52-416-01B (no ejector in 1mm)
2mm 52-482-02EB 2mm 52-485-02EB 2mm 52-416-02EB
3mm 52-482-03EB 3mm 52-485-03EB 3mm 52-416-03EB
4mm 52-482-04EB 4mm 52-485-04EB 4mm 52-416-04EB
5mm 52-482-05EB 5mm 52-485-05EB
6mm 52-482-06EB

Handle Part Number 52-400-00B

wm-kerrison-rongeurs-001-plus-detailsHandle Part Number 52-400-00B