Why Buy Our Kerrisons?

We offer a wide variety of kerrisons patterns and styles. We have them in standard and large Spurling handles. All kerrisons come with or without ejector in standard, thin and ultra-thin footplates. We have straight, bayonet, curved, detachable, rotating shafts and many other designs. If you do not see the length or pattern you need, please contact us at (800) 497-0851 for a quotation.

Wiggins Medical introduced the ceramic-coated design to the US market in July 1995. Our intent was to provide a bone-biting instrument with a razor-smooth cutting action, produce less hand fatigue for the surgeon, and reduce the problem of glare.

An unexpected result was that the patented special coating actually extended the cutting life of the instrument. We have some customers that have never had to have their instruments resharpened.

We can say, with confidence, that we have the “Thinnest Thin Footplate”, even in a 1mm size. Our ultra-thin footplate pattern should only be used in cervical or other delicate procedures.

If screws have ever fallen out of your kerrisons…our kerrison screws are reverse-threaded so they will not back out. As you squeeze the handle, the screws stay securely in place.

Why Buy Our Pituitary Rongeurs?

Standard Pituitary Rongeurs – We were the first to offer an ultra-thin, 1mm, micro intervertebral disc rongeur. The smoothness, anti-glare, and precise cutting edge, are a result of fine German craftsmanship and our black ceramic coating.

Fenestrated Pituitary Rongeurs – This is a very popular style. In our version, the cup shape is slightly tapered to allow better access to the disc space. There are teeth placed proximally in the cup to hold tissue better. The fenestrations allow tissue to expand into the cup and give the surgeon a more precise bite.