Kerrison Styles

Kerrison Rongeurs are essential for spinal surgery, and they are a great instrument for decompressing the spine. Most surgeons use an 8” length Kerrison Rongeur, for lumbar cases. Kerrison Rongeurs widths range from 1-6mm while [...]

Instructions for Use Cleaning and Reprocessing Guidelines

If you work in the Sterile Department, then you know how important it is to follow proper cleaning and reprocessing guidelines. These guidelines ensure that surgical instruments are properly cleaned and sterilized before being used [...]

Bayonet Kerrison for MIS Spine

Minimally invasive spine procedures have revolutionized the way surgeons perform surgery. By utilizing several small incisions and effective ports that retract directly to the affected anatomy, surgeons can minimize blood loss while maximizing safety, efficiency, [...]

Curved Kerrisons

A specialty Kerrison that surgeons often use are curved kerrisons. These are ideal for anatomy, such as the foramen of the spine or for sinus surgeries where an angle is needed. The Curve allows the [...]

Detachable Kerrisons

Detachable Kerrisons Detachable Kerrisons are a great tool in the pursuit of a clean instrument. By fully disassembling the device, any channels can be easily inspected for remaining bioburden. Detachable Kerrisons come in two different [...]

Rotating Kerrisons

Rotating Kerrisons are incredibly useful tools for surgeons, allowing them to precisely cut into the exact position they need. With rotation possible in 45° increments, Rotating Kerrisons can yield a vast range of bite variations [...]