Anatomy of a Kerrison

The Kerrison Rongeur plays an essential role in spine surgery and is designed for the most critical portion of a case decompression. Anatomically speaking, the Kerrison Rongeur has a mechanical action that emulates pulling the [...]

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance (PM) is a necessary but often overlooked aspect of Kerrison Rongeurs. By keeping up with regular Preventative maintenance schedules, facilities ensure their equipment is always operating at peak condition. Nurses, surgical technicians, and [...]

Lubrication – When and Where?

It is important to keep your instruments in good working order. This means that you need to lubricate them regularly. Decontamination and sterilization are the fundamentals of maintaining a safe and sterile medical environment. When [...]

Kerrison Inspection Points During Reprocessing

There are four main areas to inspect for your Kerrison inspection points- springs and screws, footplates, cutting edges, and a smooth function when in use. Each area requires a keen attention to detail to ensure [...]