Preventative maintenance (PM) is a necessary but often overlooked aspect of Kerrison Rongeurs. By keeping up with regular Preventative maintenance schedules, facilities ensure their equipment is always operating at peak condition. Nurses, surgical technicians, and sterile processing professionals play an important role in maintaining equipment and keeping everyone safe. Effective communication between the departments will help prevent unwanted errors. Performing PM regularly guarantees that the Kerrison Rongeurs can tackle even the toughest surgeries. When using replacement parts always use the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) springs and screws. The springs and screws are set to certain tolerances, using anything else can really affect the function and feel during surgery.

The frequency of these scheduled PMs depends on your surgical volume. The more procedures you perform, the more regular this maintenance should be. But regardless of how often you schedule a PM for your Kerrison Rongeurs, know that keeping up with it can save you time, frustration, and money in the long run. We recommend doing this every six to nine months to ensure optimal performance and durability of your instruments. During the inspection most, if not all springs should be replaced. Putting on a new set of springs once old set has worn out will give the rongeur a new life. Doing a thorough check of all inspection points should be done and the instruments should be sufficiently lubricated. Checking sharpness by biting a business card and having a clean cut will ensure a nice bite every time your surgeon uses them.