Caspar Pituitary Rongeur

At Wiggins Medical, we are proud to introduce our Caspar Pituitary Rongeur. This specialty surgical instrument is outfitted with teeth to ensure greater precision when performing complex extractions. It comes in multiple variations for maximum user convenience — three distinct angles, three working lengths, and five tip widths to choose from — making it the perfect instrument for any range of operations. We believe that this tool is essential for all medical professionals and are eager to provide it to the market.

Decker Pituitary Rongeurs

Wiggins Medical is extremely proud to present the  Decker Pituitary Rongeurs, a cutting-edge instrument designed specifically for working in tighter spaces of the spine. With a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to different medical needs, surgeons can more easily remove disc and cartilaginous material from tight anatomy. But that’s not all! In addition, we have a proprietary ceramic coating that ensures sharpness throughout its lifetime. Not only that, but our unique coating helps absorb – rather than reflect – operating room light. This creates an even more efficient environment for procedures and making it easier to observe the target area up close.