Detachable Kerrisons

Detachable Kerrisons are a great tool in the pursuit of a clean instrument. By fully disassembling the device, any channels can be easily inspected for remaining bioburden. Detachable Kerrisons come in two different varieties for your surgery. They can either be separate pieces that self-assemble, or those with an innovative ‘convertible’ feature where the shaft is still connected to the footplate while taken apart. As such, it takes less time to disassemble and inspect each detail thoroughly and while keeping it together as one piece after inspection. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on Detachable Kerrison’s for deep cleaning protocols. Because of this they highly recommend this type of kerrison system for optimal health and safety results.

Kerrison’s, although with many benefits as a detachable instrument, can cause a lot of frustration for both users and technicians. To ensure that the top and bottom shaft are kept together while they are being transported, manufacturers typically place unique numbers on them to ensure they get back together in the right way. As if that weren’t challenging enough, convertible Kerrison’s must be handled even more delicately to keep them intact, so they
perform their best. Unfortunately they can easily flop around carelessly during transport. This can cause them to injure other instruments or dull their edge if not handled properly with protective cases or covers.


The precision and accuracy of surgical instruments is crucial for successful medical treatments. Paying extra attention to their cutting edge is essential for all your instruments. Aligning the top and bottom shafts of convertible kerrisons is just one way to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, sharpness testing such as evaluating the edge and footplate under magnification as well as bite tests with business cards can support the successful function of any instrument. With proper care, medical professionals can rest assured their tools will respond promptly when needed most.