A specialty Kerrison that surgeons often use are curved kerrisons. These are ideal for anatomy, such as the foramen of the spine or for sinus surgeries where an angle is needed. The Curve allows the surgeon to get the right angle where they are working. Preference and style will determine which angle is best; lesser, slight, standard or curved & twisted. The differences in these are the height of the footplate above a straight line drawn under the lower shaft. Surgeon preference and technique will dictate the chosen curve.

The lesser curved kerrisons are 9mm in height, perfect for conservative procedures. Its slight curved counterpart offers 14mm of height for those anatomy and approaches that need a steeper angle – this kerrison is not only durable but also allows you to choose from the lesser to the slightly curved option, making it an incredibly useful instrument.

The curved and twisted pattern of curved kerrisons is a new approach that offers multiple benefits to patients. Its slight curve (of 14mm) makes it easier to perform foraminotomies. This can help reduce the pressure on nerves around the spinal cord, leading to less pain felt by the patient. Furthermore, another benefit of this design is that it helps surgeons easily remove discs between the inferior and superior facets. Put together, these properties make this curved and twisted kerrison an attractive option for those looking to alleviate chronic or otherwise pernicious back pain in a heartbeat!