Curved Foraminotomy Kerrison

A Curved Foraminotomy Kerrison is a specialized instrument for traditional open back surgeries. Especially those involving the treatment of foraminal narrowing. With its variations in footplate and curve type, as well as tip widths, this instrument certainly has many options to help accommodate your surgical needs. With such an efficient and effective operation, it is certain that you can rest assured knowing the surgery will go smoothly. If a Curved Foraminotomy Kerrison is what your surgery requires, look no further than Wiggins Medical – get yours today!

Bayonet Kerrison (Upbiting)

For complex surgeries, Bayonet Kerrison instruments are a must-have. They’re designed to break through dense bones and small areas with ease, making them essential for decompressing or stenozing the suprascapular nerve. What makes Bayonet Kerrison special is its bayonet style shaft. This allows for quicker and more precise accuracy during operations – something all surgeons strive for in their procedures! Wiggins Medical is proud to offer up three different variations of footplates (standard, thin, and curved) to cater to any Bayonet Kerrison needs!