Rotating Kerrisons are incredibly useful tools for surgeons, allowing them to precisely cut into the exact position they need. With rotation possible in 45° increments, Rotating Kerrisons can yield a vast range of bite variations impossible with traditional Kerrison’s. An added benefit is that Rotating Kerrison’s generally have an internal spring which gives them even more jaw travel than non-rotatable models. All together providing the user with more control and precision available for their surgical procedures.

Rotating Kerrison instruments are the popular choice among modern surgeons due to their effectiveness in precision surgery. These specialized devices are designed with convenience and dexterity in mind. This provides surgeons with the ability to move their cutting edge while still having maximum control of the instrument. This is ideal when performing endoscopic procedures in tight areas where space is shared by both a camera and a surgeon. They can then cut or carve precisely without compromising visibility of the surgical field. Rotating Kerrison’s are also available in various lengths and styles to suit any given medical procedure. With this it offers surgeons unparalleled flexibility and reliability throughout their operations.

With the ability to interchange cutting shafts and fully disassemble them for cleaning, these instruments make precision maintenance much easier. Not only do users benefit from improved upkeep overall, but this additional bonus makes them a valuable find among medical equipment. However, special care must be taken when reprocessing as the spring and firing pin should never be lost or misplaced. With the proper guidance and expertise, these instruments provide an excellent platform for long-term use in any job setting.