Detachable Kerrison with Ejector

The Detachable Kerrison with Ejector is essential in the pursuit of a clean instrument. By fully disassembling the device, any channels can be easily inspected for remaining bioburden. Detachable Kerrison’s come in two varieties: separate pieces that self-assemble, or those with
an innovative ‘convertible’ feature – where the shaft is still connected to the footplate while taken apart. As such, it takes less time to disassemble and inspect each detail thoroughly and while keeping it together as one piece after inspection. The sharp-edged, scoop-shaped edge cuts a window in the bone so deeper tissues can be accessed easily. This provides perfect ease for taking strong bites with much less force. We offer a wide selection of footplates, curves, lengths, and tip widths so you have exactly what you need for the job at hand. Plus, the added ejector pins prevent bioburden from going back into the jaw, allowing quick debris removal during procedures and saving valuable time. Detachable Kerrison Rongeurs are an indispensable tool for surgeons looking to reach those hard-to-access sites while also providing precision!

Peapod Pituitary Rongeurs

The Peapod Pituitary Rongeurs are revolutionizing the small-bone surgery field. These instruments have the ability to accurately and precisely debulk, cut, or remove tissue and bone fragments. We provide a range of styles, lengths, and widths, that make it easy to find the right tool for any procedure. We are proud to say that time spent in surgery is drastically reduced thanks to our incredible instrument. Surgeons can trust their procedures will be handled with maximum accuracy without compromising on speed. Get ahead of the rest of the field and make the Peapod Pituitary Rongeurs your go-to surgical instrument.