Bayonet Kerrison

For complex surgeries, Bayonet Kerrison instruments are a must-have. They’re designed to break through dense bones and small areas with ease, making them essential for decompressing or stenozing the suprascapular nerve. What makes Bayonet Kerrison special is its bayonet style shaft. This allows for quicker and more precise accuracy during operations – something all surgeons strive for in their procedures! And you’ll be covered no matter your preference: Wiggins Medical is proud to offer up three different variations of footplates (standard, thin, and curved) to cater to any Bayonet Kerrison needs!

Rotating Shaft Kerrison 40º Up, 14mm Opening

The Rotating Shaft Kerrison is a revolutionary instrument that offers precision and flexibility during neuro-, ortho- and spine-laminectomy surgeries. It’s fully rotatable swivel enables surgeons to quickly and easily adjust the cutting angle as per the requirement of the procedure. This allows them to make precise measurements and achieve successful outcomes. An additional advantage of this tool is its removable shaft which allows for easier decontamination and sterilization before each use. This Rotating Kerrison also includes 40º Up function and 14mm opening, making it an indispensable piece of surgical equipment. With its advanced design, it is capable of delivering superior results with minimal effort.