Upbiting Kerrison Rongeur

Spinal surgery often requires the removal of considerable amount of bone. The Upbiting Kerrison Rongeur is particularly effective for such purposes. These specialized tools are used to remove spinous processes from delicate areas of the spine, and their up or down biting action can also be used for muscular attachments. Upbiting is the most common choice, as it tends to offer more precise results. Not only do Upbiting Kerrison Rongeurs prove invaluable in cases involving spinal stenosis and suprascapular nerve decompression, they have been found especially beneficial when ossified ligaments require removal. For this reason, Wiggins Medical offers many different variations of our instrument. We currently offer six different footplates, six working distances, and nine tip widths in Upbiting Kerrison Rongeurs. This allows medical professionals to best choose the instrument that meets their needs.

Rotating Shaft Kerrison 14mm

The Rotating Shaft Kerrison is a revolutionary instrument that offers precision and flexibility during neuro-, ortho- and spine-laminectomy surgeries. It’s fully rotatable swivel enables surgeons to quickly and easily adjust the cutting angle as per the requirement of the procedure, allowing them to make precise measurements and achieve successful outcomes. An additional advantage of this tool is its removable shaft which allows for easier decontamination and sterilization before each use. This Rotating Kerrison also includes 40º Up function and 14mm opening, making it an indispensable piece of surgical equipment in these types of operations. With its advanced design, it is capable of delivering superior results with minimal effort.