Stainless Steel Wire Basket

Stainless Steel Wire Basket

Stainless Steel Wire Basket matches directly to your specific sterilization container, and comes in many different dimensions and depths

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Stainless Steel Wire Basket

The Wiggins Medical Stainless Steel Wire Basket is essential in any medical facility, providing optimal safety and convenience. They are made from high quality stainless steel and available in many different dimensions and depths. Wiggins Medical Stainless Steel Wire Baskets match perfectly with your specific sterilization container to ensure maximum efficiency. From small to larger storage units, these Stainless Steel Wire Baskets provide the perfect solution for any of your sterilization needs. Durable and designed for long-term use, these baskets will be a dependable choice for years to come.


Sterilization is essential to maintaining the quality of any medical facility’s equipment. However keeping tools clean and secure can be difficult if storage containers are less than adequate. That’s why Wiggins Medical 1-2 Sterilization Containers are so important for medical professionals. They provide an effective means of safeguarding delicate equipment from damage caused by harsh environments. With these containers, medical professionals can easily access their instruments when needed and have confidence that their tools remain sterilized and in optimal condition. By providing superior protection from outside elements, our Sterilization Containers guarantee that every facility will enjoy hassle-free storage of their critical tools over time. Safety, security and usability – Wiggins Medical Sterilization Containers have it all!

Additional information

Container Type

1-1, 3-4, 1-2

Dimensions ( Length, Width, Depth)

535mm x 250mm x 30mm, 535mm x 250mm x 50mm, 535mm x 250mm x 70mm, 535mm x 250mm x 100mm, 482mm x 250mm x 30mm, 482mm x 250mm x 50mm, 482mm x 250mm x 70mm, 482mm x 250mm x 100mm, 400mm x 250mm x 30mm, 400mm x 250mm x 50mm, 400mm x 250mm x 70mm, 400mm x 250mm x 100mm, 250mm x 240mm x 30mm, 250mm x 240mm x 50mm, 250mm x 240mm x 70mm, 250mm x 240mm x 100mm


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