1-2 Sterilization Container

1-2 Sterilization Container

Rigid Sterilization containers available in multiple lengths, widths, depths and a range of color options for you to choose from. Select perforated or non-perforated bottoms designed for durability with a locking metal clasp and an easy to replace rubber gasket.

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1-2 Sterilization Container

Sterilization is essential to maintaining the quality of any medical facility’s equipment. Keeping tools clean and secure can be difficult if storage containers are less than adequate. That’s why Wiggins Medical 1-2 Sterilization Containers are so important for medical professionals. They provide an effective means of safeguarding delicate equipment from damage caused by harsh environments. With these containers, medical professionals can easily access their instruments when needed. They can also have confidence that their tools remain sterilized and in optimal condition. By providing superior protection from outside elements, our Sterilization Containers guarantee that every facility will enjoy hassle-free storage of their critical tools over time. Safety, security and usability – Wiggins Medical Sterilization Containers have it all!

Stainless Steel Screen Basket

The Screen Basket by Wiggins Medical is a must-have for the modern medical facility. With its stainless steel construction, the Screen Basket is incredibly durable and reliable. It’s crafted to fit your sterilization container perfectly, meaning you won’t have any awkward gaps or issues with it not fitting properly. Plus, it comes in a range of dimensions and depths so that you can find the Screen Basket that best works for your needs. And as an added bonus, each Screen Basket also includes a lid for added protection during cleaning and transportation. Get ready for increased safety in your medical facility today with the Screen Basket from Wiggins Medical!

Additional information

Dimensions (Length, Width, Depth)

100 297mm x 274mm x 88mm, 135 297mm x 274mm x 123mm, 150 297mm x 274mm x 138mm, 200 297mm x 274mm x 188mm, 260 297mm x 274mm x 248mm

Bottom Perforated (Y, N)

Yes, No


Gray, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Dark Gray

Lid (Y, N)

Yes, No


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