Drape Retainer

Wiggins Medical’s drape retainers are a key feature of their sterilization trays. The purpose of the drape retainer is to securely hold drapes during surgery. In turn this ensures that no unsterilized objects or surfaces can come into contact with the patient or surgical area. In addition to the drape retainer, Wiggins Medical offers a wide range of drapes to suit any need or container. This ensures that Surgery is performed in an exemplary sterile environment and increases patient safety. With quality drapes, Wiggins Medical drape retainers offer superior sanitary solutions in any medical setting.


Sterilization is essential to maintaining the quality of any medical facility’s equipment, but keeping tools clean and secure can be difficult if storage containers are less than adequate. That’s why Wiggins Medical 1-2 Sterilization Containers are so important for medical professionals. They provide an effective means of safeguarding delicate equipment from damage caused by harsh environments. With these containers, medical professionals can easily access their instruments when needed and have confidence that their tools remain sterilized and in optimal condition. By providing superior protection from outside elements, our Sterilization Containers guarantee that every facility will enjoy hassle-free storage of their critical tools over time. Safety, security and usability – Wiggins Medical Sterilization Containers have it all!