Silicone Mat

Silicone Mat

The Silicone Mat helps your instruments stay in place, keeps them sterilized, and adds an extra cushion of protection between the instruments and the tray.

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Silicone Mat

The Silicone Mat from Wiggins Medical can help keep your instruments organized and give them an extra layer of security. Unlike other medical mats, ours is designed with a textured surface. This creates friction to keep your instruments from sliding around the tray. Not only will this create an easier workflow during surgery, it’ll also help keep your instruments sterilized and protected. Our product can also provide cushioning that helps absorb shock or vibration should one of your tools fall off the tray. With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder why the Silicone Mat has become such a necessary tool in the medical space.

Stainless Steel Screen Basket

The Screen Basket by Wiggins Medical is a must-have for the modern medical facility. With its stainless steel construction, the Screen Basket is incredibly durable and reliable. It’s crafted to fit your sterilization container perfectly, meaning you won’t have any awkward gaps or issues with it not fitting properly. Plus, it comes in a range of dimensions and depths so you can find the right Screen Basket for you. And as an added bonus, each Screen Basket also includes a lid for added protection during cleaning and transportation. Get ready for increased safety in your medical facility today with the Screen Basket from Wiggins Medical!

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Dimensions ( Length, Width, Depth)

530mm x 277mm


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