We have a wide range of drapes available for your specific needs or container. These drapes are good to prevent contact from any unsterilized surface or object.

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At Wiggins Medical, our drapes offer unparalleled protection from any unsterilized surfaces. Each drape is tailored to fit whatever items or containers they will be placed on. This ensures maximum comfort and covering power. Not only do these drapes provide physical shielding from contaminants, but they also increase hygiene levels in all workplace settings. Our drapes are long-lasting, boasting superior quality stitching that allows them to remain durable even with frequent wear and tear. With these drapes, you can guarantee that your workspace is always safe and clean.


Sterilization is essential to maintaining the quality of any medical facility’s equipment, but keeping tools clean and secure can be difficult if storage containers are less than adequate. That’s why Wiggins Medical 1-2 Sterilization Containers are so important for medical professionals. They provide an effective means of safeguarding delicate equipment from damage caused by harsh environments. With these containers, medical professionals can easily access their instruments when needed and have confidence that their tools remain sterilized and in optimal condition. By providing superior protection from outside elements, our Sterilization Containers guarantee that every facility will enjoy hassle-free storage of their critical tools over time. Safety, security and usability – Wiggins Medical Sterilization Containers have it all!

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Container type:

1-1, 3-4, 1-2

Dimensions (L x W)

1300mm x 600mm, 1400mm x 1000mm, 1850mm x 450mm, 1850mm x 600mm, 1400mm x 1000mm, 900mm x 600mm, 900mm x 800mm, 1300mm x 450mm, 1300mm x 600mm


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