Welcome to our extensive collection of state-of-the-art Kerrison Rongeurs, designed with precision and efficiency in mind. These instruments, ranging from the robust Spurling Kerrison Rongeur to the innovative endoscopic Kerrison Rongeurs. Hand finished to enhance the surgical experience not only for doctors but also for the patients. Each rongeur in our collection has been meticulously engineered considering various surgical needs, ensuring optimal performance even in the most complex procedures. Whether you’re performing a foraminotomy or a minimally invasive surgery, our unique rongeurs will deliver for every surgical application. Browse our selection and explore our diverse range of products, each promising exceptional control, safety, and performance.

Spurling Kerrison Rongeur

Introducing our Spurling Kerrison Rongeur, an outstanding device furnished with a large handle and a 16mm jaw opening. Specifically designed with surgeon comfort in mind, this instrument offers exceptional grip and control. The 16mm opening enables precise bone and tissue removal, making it indispensable in a variety of surgical procedures. Trust rongeur tool to effectively perform even in complicated cases where precision and control are paramount.

Kerrison Rongeurs

Transitioning now to our standard workhorse Kerrison Rongeurs, these unique models boasts a precise 9mm jaw opening. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, it is designed to deliver optimal performance. Available in a wide range of lengths, widths, with or without an ejector, and a unique lineup of available footplate options. Designed for the particular surgeon who demands only the best for their patients. Regardless of the complexity of the procedure, our Kerrison selection will give you the right instrument for the application.

Down Biter Kerrison Rongeur

Next, let’s delve into our Down Biters. Engineered thoughtfully for reducing potential nerve damage, these robust tools provide an efficient surgical experience. The down-cutting design ensures you do not have to dig the horn of the kerrison into your palm to make a difficult back bite. Available in a 40° and 90° models these also come in a variety of styles with or without ejectors.

Curved Kerrison Rongeur

Finally, our Curved Kerrison Rongeur deserve special attention. We offer the most complete array of curves specific to your approach and surgical needs. Available in both a thin, and ultra-thin footplate there is a model that will be perfect for your technique. The curved design allows surgeons to reach challenging areas with ease, ensuring the safe and effective removal of bone around the nerve root. Turn to our Curved Kerrison Rongeurs for a streamlined surgical experience where precision, safety, and efficiency are paramount.

And More

In addition to the products above, we also offer a diverse range of other medical tools, curated to meet the varying surgical needs across specialties. The Bayonet Kerrison features an extended handle designed to enhance access to challenging areas, and provide exceptional control and precision during procedures.

Our Rotating Shaft presents an innovative feature that allows for smooth rotation. This unique functionality enables surgeons to adjust blade orientation without hampering the surgical flow, promising enhanced efficiency and precision.

The Kerrison Rongeurs Endoscopic exemplify our commitment to innovation in surgical tools. These rongeurs are designed specifically for endoscopic procedures, providing surgeons with the ability to perform precision bone and tissue removal in minimally invasive surgeries.

Furthermore, our Detachable Kerrison ensures a seamless surgical experience. This tool features a unique ejector mechanism, greatly facilitating the removal of bone chips and tissue after extraction.